Intelligent printing "Internet of Things+" mode

A Remote Intelligent Management Solution for Unified Desktop Terminals in Printer Groups
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Special feature

Rainbow Ant Printer Cloud Monitoring and Management Platform The new generation of intelligent monitoring and management backend system for printers has opened up a new mode of intelligent management for product operation in the "Internet of Things+" era. Coupled with a complete security protection system, it brings a new efficient and safe management mode for printer managers。

Printer rental management

Printer rental management companies can easily manage rental users, achieving functional requirements such as printing data monitoring, equipment consumption warning, and online fault reporting。
Real time statistics of printed pages
The total number of pages printed on the leased equipment, A4/A3 paper, black and white pages, and color pages can be viewed in real-time。
Online display of consumables usage
In the platform management system, real-time display of the remaining amount of ink cartridges and toner cartridges for the leased printer, as well as paper shortage warnings。
Monitor the working status of the printer
You can view the real-time working status printed in the lease online, such as online or offline。
View printer distribution map in leasing
The platform can locate the location coordinates of the printers in the lease and display them on the map, making it convenient for leasing operators to make scientific plans for operation and promotion。


Implementing cloud monitoring management
The management platform captures printer data through remote monitoring, and can use mobile phones and computers to manage and maintain shared printers。
One person managing multiple machines
Due to the platforms implementation of intelligent cloud monitoring management, multiple shared printers can be managed simultaneously
Saving operational costs
Real time monitoring of shared printed pages, remaining consumables, and fault information can greatly save business costs for operators。


Implement intelligent remote management of franchise chain graphic stores, monitor the operational status and revenue of franchise store printers。
Intelligent management
Supported by the "Internet of Things+" model, achieving cloud monitoring management systems that make business management and operations more scientific and efficient。
Data decision-making
Mastering comprehensive data through the platform to provide precise business decision-making guidance for operators。
Terminal empowerment
Unified desktop terminal management controls the overall situation, empowers stores to efficiently carry out business, and assists in chain layout。
Standardized operations
Efficient, accurate, comprehensive, and objective mastery of first-hand data to improve operational management efficiency and save operational management costs。


data monitor
The most desired print data within the unit can be easily obtained here
Improve management and maintenance efficiency
Warning of insufficient consumables, missing paper, and feedback on fault information can improve the management and maintenance efficiency of printers
Reduce office costs
Real time monitoring of printing data and remote supervision of printer usage。

Payment standards

free use

₫ 0
Up to 2 printers
Real time monitoring
Consumable warning
Fault notification

Ordinary member

Up to 50 printers
Real time monitoring
Consumable warning
Equipment positioning
Fault notification
Historical preservation: 90 days
technical support

vip member

Up to 200 printers
Real time monitoring
Consumable warning
Equipment positioning
Fault notification
Historical preservation: one year
technical support

svip member

200+ printers
Real time monitoring
Consumable warning
Equipment positioning
Fault notification
Historical preservation: permanent
technical support

Immediate use makes business management more efficient